Learn Your Times Table

Thank you for visiting �Know Your�� Times Tables, and CONGRATULATIONS, after you are owning an essential and powerful system to help your kids understand and know their tables thoroughly. Here in the U.K. we are 27th on earth numeracy league tables. This embarrassment needs immediate attention – you now have the means to improve this case.

how to learn times tables

�Know Your�� Times Tables is really a revolutionary new quality system unlike other things on the market. It’ll teach your kids spanning various ages and abilities their times tables in a quicker plus more effective way than some other methods.

how to learn times tables

This method is available NOW in a good quality 380 piece boxed set. The system is quite simple to use and could be taught by anybody from teachers, home tutors, parents or grandparents, and the set includes full, simple to follow, step by step instructions which will get your kids familiar with their tables in no time at all and before all their peers.

If you’re worried about your child�s numeracy, particularly their times tables, and want to dramatically improve it easily, then buy now!

This system is unique to anything else available today for learning tables. It is extremely effective because children respond greater whenever they can touch, feel, think and participate in something tangible. With this particular system there is nothing to put in writing, no computer involved, and no boring singing by rote – just a single card that the child must carefully place in the right position. This allows a young child to devote all of their thoughts and efforts to consider only of where the card needs to be placed, making their recall and remembering more speedily and than any other conventional method of learning their tables. It is necessary children begin to see the relationship between numbers, as opposed to just reciting them. Although answers are obviously still the identical, the fact a better solution cards will always be shuffled ensures the answers present themselves differently each and every time. This heightens and improves the child�s awareness and thinking about where you can place a card – ensuring they don�t forget. (Please visit tutorial demonstration video page).